Monday, 30 April 2012

Proof At Last!

Just a line to say that I finished the final proofs of Ghosts International: Troll and Other Stories today. Phewwee. Hurrah! It's expected to be out 20th July, barring conniptions.

The mountain quivered and brought forth a flea (half-remembered misquote from somewhere), meaning a lot of effort for a small (but perfectly formed) result.

In other news: B and I are working on a show in which I spin a web of tales connected with the sea, and B and I will sing some songs and shanties to explicate and illustrate the same. Tradition with a twist, something of that kind.

Taking a massive flight into imaginative brand development, we've come up with a name for the show which we think expresses something unique and marvellous about it.

Here it is: Stories and Songs of the Sea.

D'you like it?

We did consider Songs and Stories of the Sea, but the focus group decided it could be confusing.

All we've got to do now is come up with a name for ourselves. It's a bit of a short change to say Sarah Walker (with Barrie de Lara), as if he were a mere adjunct. So... maybe de Lara and Walker? With an ampersand: de Lara & Walker? Or de Lara/Walker? 

Now we know why I never went into marketing.

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