Monday, 10 December 2012

Signs of life

Hmm, well it's been a thin year on the posting front. For various reasons, good, bad and indifferent. What's to say?

It's winter. Cold and most impressive (I'm still not used to it) dark. This is something I do find difficult after years under brighter skies. I mean, it isn't JUST the fact that between 4 pm and 8 am it is actually too dark to see without lights on - though it is certainly that - but even when it's light, it's dark. If you see what I mean. East Anglia is one of the sunnier parts of these Isles, and one of the less rainy locations, too, but most days have been dingy to say the least. On the other hand, you do get some good effects: a red sunrise the other morning and today, the thin sliver of bright gold moon low down in the eastern sky just before dawn.

So, today - not working at the moment - I made chocolate nut bon-bons with beech nuts and brandy, went to the allotment (I just went, I didn't do anything very useful there!), sketched out the story I'm going to tell tomorrow and did several other errands. At one point I was attached to a machine to have my heart monitored, just in case the chest pains and numb left arm I've been having were something nastier that just muscle problems. They aren't. I just seem to have a slightly dodgy neck bone which is making bits of me hurt elsewhere. It still hurts, but it's good to know it's no worse than that.

Tomorrow I take delivery of a pear tree, a cherry, two vines and 8 raspberry canes for the allotment. Yippee yiy yay!

I'm also doing a turn (singing and a story) tomorrow at a Victorian Christmas Evening, wearing a replica costume made for the 2012 Olympics. It is obviously based on the illustrations for Jane Eyre. So, to get an appropriate look for the night, I have for the first time ever bought myself a hair net and some hair pins.

Is there no end to the excitement in my life?

Watch this space...

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