Saturday, 21 March 2009

Noggin the Mog

Noggin the Mog was our first cat, found stuck in a drain as a tiny kitten. We took him in, although my husband was adamant he was not a cat person.

He was a timid, homeloving and remarkably un-agile black and white cat with a baggy bum and an anxious expression, and became very attached to my husband. He used to wait on the doorstep for us when we came home (although we left the window open so he could easily come in) and as soon as my husband sat down, Noggin would rest his chin on my husband's foot or leg and gaze up at him with adoration.

He was our boss cat, as we added Sophie and Roxy since then.

We assumed we would have him for the next 15 or so years and would take him back to the UK with us when we leave here.

Two weeks ago he didn't come home. We have been out every day since then looking for him in the evenings and in the early morning when it is still dark.

We didn't find him, but I did find another cat which had been shot dead.

It is so unlike Noggin to be out for more than an hour. It did happen once before when he managed to get himself stuck in the car, but as soon as we opened the car door in the morning he hopped out.

So, we have to conclude that Noggin the Mog, aka the Nogster or Mogworth Portly-Feline is dead.

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