Sunday, 14 December 2008

Reflections of ELSS part 1

Top of the head phrases

- is there anybody there? said the traveller (in cyberspace)
- what if they gave a collaborative working exercise and nobody came?
- the natives (cf Prensky) are not nearly restless enough
- the sound of one blog blethering

This really started to emerge for me during week 3 when it seemed that the tumbleweed was blowing through the deserted alleyways of the VLE. Then, when I signed up to follow all the participants' blogs that I could find, I noticed that only Patsy was following anyone else's blog.

It's early days, I thought, and sure enough Marion found her way to mine, (welcome Marion! - a 100% increase in readership already), but other blogs remained unvisited.

This connected for me with a suspicious feeling I have about much of the Internet, that there are an awful lot of talkers and precious few listeners.

In the context of the course, and especially when getting ready to work collaboratively, it played right to my insecurities.

I'll say something positive in a later post, but I want to get this feeling in focus first, as it coloured my experience of the course considerably.


liz fenwick said...

Hi Sarah. Saw you name on Quiller's Place and noted that you live in the same neck of the woods as me....I'm in Dubai. So I thought I would drop by and say hello :-)

Sarah said...

Hi Liz, I'm embarrassed to say I didn't find your comment until today... have only just started to wonder whether anyone was reading it. I started the blog as part of a course: we were meant to follow each other's bloggs but practically nobody did this. I'll pop over to your place and drop you a line.